Why Is The Battery In My Samsung Galaxy S3 Draining So Fast – Tips For Saving Your Battery

Why Is The Battery In My Samsung Galaxy S3 Draining So Fast – Tips For Saving Your Battery

Is the battery in your Samsung Galaxy S3 draining quickly and do you need to recharge your battery at least twice a day? You are not alone and this problem is not unique to your Samsung Galaxy S3 GT I9300, this is one of the most common problems of all Android based phones. So like you just need to learn to manage your battery better. With bit of battery management tips, you will be able to make your Samsung Galaxy S3 battery last longer so that you don’t have to hunt for a electrical point or rush to your car to charge your Samsung Galaxy S3 GT I9300.

1. First use only approved battery charger that comes with your device to charge your battery. Do not use any other charger even if your charger socket should accept any other charger pin. You could be damaging your Rs. 39,000 phone easily by making such a stupid mistake.
2. Do not start using the phone before you have charged the battery fully when you unpack your phone. Yes, of course you are eager to review the features and to make that first call from your Samsung Galaxy S3 to your special someone as soon as you have the phone in your hand, but it is best that you resist that temptation at least until you have charged the battery fully before the first use.
3. Do not let your battery die down completely, when you get the low battery warning tone in your Samsung Galaxy S3 and as soon as you see the note displayed by the phone, try to charge the phone without delay.
4. You must not allow the battery to go dead completely. Try to take this rule seriously because your battery’s performance will drop drastically once your battery is drained fully. This will be a costly mistake which you certainly don’t want to try with your already expensive Samsung Galaxy S3 3G mobile. If you ignore this warning and continue to use the phone until the phone goes dead, then you will notice that with subsequent recharges, the battery does not long as long as it used to.
5. Do not run multiple applications at once.
6. Minimize the use of network applications when your battery is low.
7. Minimize connecting to other devices.
8. When your battery is low, the GPS is an absolute no.
9. Bluetooth and Wi-fi sucks your battery like a Dracula.
10. Never try to switch on the phone once it goes dead because of low battery. Ready #4 carefully.
11. When the battery is low switch to 2g network rather than 3g.
12. Reduce the brightness of your display.
13. Turn-off the smartstay option when the battery is low.
14. Use power-saving mode given in your Samsung Galaxy S3.
15. Turn-off the vibrator option when you press the buttons.
16. Minimize the background color while reading emails and browsing the web. Use the inbuilt option on background color.
17. Avoid using speakers when your battery is low.

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